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 AmCare is truly a family, locally owned and operated for over 35 years. We work very closely with our partners in community service such as Fire and police agencies. We are unique in this area, in that operations are seemless between Fire, Law Enforcement and EMS. Relationships are stronger that any other system of our size in the Central New York. We are very proud of this, and the whole community benefits from it.  Whether it is volunteering for area concerts and parades, standing by at large fires or Police actions, being a productive and contributing member of Oneida County is a point of pride for AmCare. Over 90% of our employees volunteer in their own communities.

AmCare Staff Only

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This page is reserved for AmCare staff only.

As I hope you have noticed, the first quarter reports have been mailed by TransAmerica. You will also notice that we were able to increase the company contribution by 35% (from the traditional $90,000.00 to $121,000.00). This translates into more funds going into your retirement, in some cases it almost doubled the percentages you received.We were able to do this for 2016 due to your hard work and the diligence of the office staff. This effort resulted in more consistant reimbursements coming in. For your efforts I want to thank you! Hard work DOES pay off.

With the warm weather coming, just a reminder that golf shirts can be worn May1 - October 1. We are also reviewing a few styles of golf shirt in the coming weeks and I would like to provide them as a uniform for the furure. Stay tuned, more to follow.....

Lastly, we are reviewing response times. The times will be defined in this CQI project as called received to enroute time. As a reminder, the expectation is to be responding to an emergency within 2 minutes, with very few exceptions. I will post the results of the study when completed. 

Thank you again for your continued hard work, and as always my door is open for any questions or concerns.( or just a cup 'o joe)