AmCare has grown considerably since the firm was established by W. Joseph Taylor, in 1981.

We were a small ambulance company with just three vehicles responding to 3000 calls per year. Our present fleet of seven ambulances and one 'fly car' responds to an estimated 9,000 calls per year. During the years, we have become known as a leader in the Emergency Medical Services community.

We are recognized to have brought the first Advanced Life Support service to the Rome (1982) and the first Advanced Airway Care program to Rome a few years after that. We are currently recognized as a benchmark for EMS skills in the field, and regularly provide training to students in Madison, Herkimer and Oneida County. In 1995, we extended our support to Volunteer agencies to provide Advanced Life Support Personnel daily.

We employ:

• 30 paramedics
• 16 Critical Care Technicians
• 18 Basic EMT’s
• 7 office staff
• 1 ASE certified mechanic

Our district includes:

• 7 Towns and the City of Rome for primary response
• 8 towns for secondary/Mutual Aide response
• Population served of approximately 63,000
• Geographic area of approximately 360 square miles.

- All our responses are staffed with at least 1 Advanced Life support provider regardless of the type of call received. We will have over 9500 responses in 2016.